What is Magnetic Mic?
How does it work?
Where can It be used?
Magnetic Mic is a conversion kit for in-car microphones that converts the existing tongue and groove system to our innovative magnetic hang-up system. The kit is comprised of two main pieces, a circular handset piece that slides and locks into place on the back of the microphone and a base piece that replaces the existing metal hang-up clip. Once installed, hanging up the microphone is essentially effortless and hazard-free, and the risk of diverting one’s attention from the road becomes a thing of the past.
Magnetic Mic works by using a powerful magnetic attraction between the two main components of our kit: the handset piece and the base piece. Once they are installed, the magnetic base piece naturally attracts the handset piece which is attached to the microphone. Unlike the current system which requires the microphone to be in a specific position and angle to be hung up, Magnetic Mic only requires the user to get the microphone in general vicinity of the base piece before the powerful magnetic attraction does the rest.
Magnetic Mic can be positioned in the vehicle anywhere the base piece can be securely fastened. It can be mounted in any manner, whether horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. However, it must be a position that allows the user to easily access the microphone. Common mounting positions are center consoles, dashboards, aftermarket console brackets (shown in the picture), and aftermarket dashboard brackets.
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